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Local Life


Like everywhere in the countryside, where people live off agriculture, local population is very hard-working and self-sufficient. Farming season is practically year-round. During the summer months with its little need for work in the fields, farmers can be seen in their vineyards already at 5 in the morning. Great heat during the day does not permit work in direct sunlight. In September, the wine harvest begins, olives locals are harvested from October to January. Potatoes are planted in late January and February. Each family has at least a small boat. People sailing out all year round, whatever the weather, at around 5-6 o´clock in the morning and returning at sunset, are not an exception. In the summer months the local people make extra money with tourism. They lease their apartments run cafe bars, restaurants, and rent boats. In winter they are mainly employed in construction.

Cafe bars, where you can meet the locals, form an integral part of life here. Local people welcome you with their kind-hearted nature and tranquility, so different from hasty life of people living on mainland. However, young people often leave for work and life in larger cities.

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